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About Us

Your green chemistry partner

We are a fast-growing, innovative chemical specialist focusing on creating more value from fewer resources and use the world’s limited resources more efficiently. Together with our customers and partners we will contribute to make life on earth more sustainable, healthy and inspiring.

Our offering is founded on a strong commitment to help customers in the pulp and paper industry to sustainably maintain and develop their natural resources and raw materials.

We are an entrepreneurial family business with long term focus on innovation, customer-oriented flexibility and sustainability.


Short about BIM

  • Pulp and paper focus
  • Founded in 1973
  • Entrepreneurial and family owned
  • Approx. 220 employees worldwide
  • Substantial investments in R&D
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Member of the UN Global Compact
  • Associated with the Responsible Care programme

BIM Way of Working


With our minds set on customers’ needs

Everything we do must add value to our customers. Therefore, we work in a network- and project organisation where most projects are done cross border and cross functional in different teams. The teams are populated with the people that are best suited for the task, no matter their position or location in the company. Our way of working also includes quick response and short lead-times for producing designed solutions as well as for supplying unique products, optimized for the individual customer.

We distinguish ourselves by

  • Strong customer focus
  • Quick response and short lead-times for producing designed solutions
  • Our ability to supply unique products, optimised for individual customers
  • Keeping our position as a niche company focused on pulp and paper industry

Bringing you the future in pulp and paper. BIM is a family owned chemical company founded by Peter Wållberg in 1973. When young engineer Peter’s vision was of an innovative and continuously learning company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who would work closely with its customers. The company has since…

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