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Welcome to BIM’s material bank

We want a good and open dialogue with the outside world and are more than happy to provide news media with information about our company.

50 years in business, A different road to success
Innovation are crucial to meet future challenges
Sustainability report 2022, Communication on progress
BIM Repulpability and Recyclability Assessment
Speciality chemical technologies for high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective chemical pulp production
BIMOGARD – the non toxic microorganism control concept
How can specialty chemicals help in Moulded fibre production?
Inorganic deposits in the pulp and paper industry
Sustainability report 2021, Communication on progress
Prevention of slime deposits in paper production processes without biocides and toxic agents
Phase out plastic packaging
Barrier coatings as green chemicals for a sustainable future in the paper industry
BIM Compostability Assessment
Sustainable Tissue solutions, Carta Cartiere, Oct 2021
COP 2021, Communication on Progress
Creating a better present without compromising the future
Students at BIM Kemi
BIM – a part of everyday life
BIM Green Chemistry
Why innovation is crucial
BIM Barrier programme
BIM Spirit
The green packaging producer relies on BIM in product development
Laboratory – competent, flexible and customer oriented

BIM policies
Quality policy (English version)
Quality policy (Swedish version)
Environmental policy (English version)
Environmental policy (Swedish version)
Sustainability policy
BIM Kemi code of conduct
Code of conduct for suppliers
Anti-corruption policy for BIM Kemi
Occupational Health and Safety policy, BIM group
Whistleblower policy

ISO certificates BIM Kemi Sweden AB
ISO 14001:2015, BIM Sweden (English version)
ISO 9001:2015, BIM Sweden (English version)

ISO certificates BIM Finland Oy
ISO 14001:2015, BIM Finland (English version)
ISO 9001:2015, BIM Finland (English version)

ISO Certificates BIM UK Ltd.
ISO 14001:2015, BIM UK (English version)
ISO 9001:2015, BIM UK (English version)

ISO Certificates BIM Norway AS
ISO 9001:2015, BIM Norway (Norwegian version)
ISO 9001:2015, BIM Norway (English version)

Other certificates and standards
BIM group awarded a gold medal again – Ecovadis Sustainability rating 2022
BIM group has been awarded a gold medal – Ecovadis Sustainability rating 2021
Certificate of registration RSPO, BIM UK
Responsible Care